Saturday, August 28, 2010

Universitas Andalas

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Making the prominent and prestigious University of Andalas

    * Develop a leading institution in science, technology and art
    * Carry out education in order to produce quality graduates, tolerant, peace-loving and able to compete in global markets
    * Support the development of the dignity of the Indonesian people through the creation of works in the fields of science, technology and art that would benefit the community.


    * Realizing the university as a center for science, technology, and art.
    * To prepare students to be members of the faithful and devoted community as well as having academic ability, professional and vocational
    * Develop and disseminate science, technology, and art as well as efforts to improve its use of community life and enrich the national culture.
    * Support the development of a democratic society and independent

 Andalas University, the oldest university outside of Java and the fourth oldest in the whole of Indonesia, was founded on the decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, no. 80016/Kab; December 23, 1955.
The University was officially opened by the four founders, along with Drs. Mohammad Hatta, and the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr Sarino Mangoenpranoto on September 13, 1956.
In its early years, the university has five faculties namely: Faculty of Agriculture in Payakumbuh, Faculty of Medicine and Science, in Bukittinggi, Faculty of Law at the Padang, and the Faculty of Teacher Education in Batusangkar.
Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Animal Husbandry was established in Padang in 1961 and 1963 respectively after five other faculties. In 1965, the Faculty of Teacher Education and separated into IKIP Padang.
Until now, Andalas University have programs below:
Diploma (Non Degree)Consisting of three programs, namely:

* Economy
* Technique
* Agriculture
Undergraduate Program (S1)Consisting of nine faculties, namely:

* Faculty of Agriculture
* Faculty of Medicine
* Faculty of Natural Sciences
* Faculty of Law
* Faculty of Economics
* Faculty of Animal Husbandry
* Faculty of Letters
* Faculty of Engineering
* Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Graduate ProgramOffers 12 study programs, namely:

* Agronomy
* Regional and Rural Development Area
* Soil Science
* Animal Science
* Entomology and Phytophatology
* Planning and Development
* Biology
* Chemistry
* Environmental Science
* Technology of Agricultural Industry
* Legal
* Management
And doctoral programs in:

* Agricultural Technology.

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