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Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 Daftar Universitas di Taiwan

 Berikut 100 Daftar Universitas di Taiwan
No.     University Name     Website   

 1     National Chengchi University

2     National Tsing Hua University

3     National Taiwan University

4     National Taiwan Normal University

5     National Cheng Kung University

6     National Chung Hsing University

7     National Chiao Tung University

8     National Central University

9     National Sun Yat-sen University

10     National Taiwan Ocean University

11     National Chung Cheng University

12     National Kaohsiung Normal University

13     National Changhua University of Education

14     National Yang-Ming University

15     National Taipei University

16     National Chiayi University

17     National University of Kaohsiung

18     National Dong Hwa University

19     National Chi Nan University

20     National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

21     National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

22     National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

23     National Taipei University of Technology

24     National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

25     National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

26     Taipei National University of the Arts

27     National Taiwan University of Arts

28     National Taitung University

29     National Ilan University

30     National United University

31     National Formosa University

32     National Kaohsiung Marine University

33     Tainan National University of the Arts

34     National University of Tainan

35     National Taipei University of Education

36     National Hsinchu University of Education

37     National Taichung University

38     National Pingtung University of Education

39     National Penghu University

40     National Chin-Yi University of Technology

41     National Taiwan Sport University

42     National Taiwan College of Physical Education

43     National Taipei College of Nursing

44     National Pingtung Institute of Commerce

45     National Taichung Institute of Technology

46     National Kaohsiung Hospitality College

47     National Taipei College of Business

48     National Kinmen Institute of Technology

49     National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

50     National Taichung Nursing College

51     National Tainan Institute of Nursing

52     National Taitung Junior College

53     National Open University

54     Tunghai University

55     Fu Jen Catholic University

56     Soochow University

57     Chung Yuan Christian University

58     Tamkang University

59     Chinese Culture University

60     Feng Chia University

61     Providence University

62     Chang Gung University

63     Yuan Ze University

64     Chung Hua University

65     Dayeh University

66     Huafan University

67     I-Shou University

68     Shih Hsin University

69     Ming Chuan University

70     Shih Chien University

71     Chaoyang University of Technology

72     Kaohsiung Medical University

73     Nanhua University

74     Aletheia University

75     Tatung University

76     Southern Taiwan University

77     Kun Shan University

78     Chia Nan University of Pharmacy &  Science

79     Shu-Te University

80     Tzu Chi University

81     Taipei Medical University

82     Chung Shan Medical University

83     Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

84     Fooyin University

85     Minghsin University of Science and Technology

86     Chang Jung Christian University

87     Hungkuang University

88     China Medical University

89     Ching Yun University

90     Cheng Shiu University

91     Vanung University

92     Hsuan Chuang University

93     Chienkuo Technology University

94     Ming Chi University of Technology

95     Kao Yuan University

96     Tajen University

97     St. John's University

98     Ling Tung University

99     China University of Technology

100     Central Taiwan University of  Science and Technology

    Inilah daftar universitas Taiwan, apabila Anda ingin kuliah disana..tinggal pilih aja, informasi lengkap bisa langsung di lihat di web masing-masing.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri

Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri was established on July 14, 2008 by the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia number 131/D/O/2008 on establishment of the University in Medan Setia Budi Mandiri Foundation Organized By in Medan Setia Budi Mandiri. Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri caring for Midwifery courses also received permission from the minister 131/D/O/2008 numbers. As an institution of higher education, have proved the role, function and dedication in the development of the nation and the state.

Recognizing the roles and functions to which it aspires, the University Setia Budi Mandiri is determined to continue to maintain and improve its ability to explore, develop and practice of science, technology or the arts nationally and globally oriented sound through Tri Darma University to create a society that is fair and prosperous based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Airlangga University

Brief Profile
Information , humas_ua , 31-05-2012

Currently Airlangga University has 13 faculties and 1 graduate program and has 127 study programs ( Prodi ) of various levels , including academic programs , vocational , and specialists .

• Academic programs are organized consisting of three levels of education , namely :
1 . S1 by 32 study programs
2 . S2 34 study programs
3 . S3 9 Prodi

• vocational and professional education programs consist of :
1 . Prodi D3 20
2 . Professional education programs by 7 , ie Education Doctor , Dentist , Pharmacist , Veterinarian , Notary , Accountant , and a Psychologist ;
3 . Prodi Specialist 1 ( Sp1 ) as many as 32 ​​courses

Based on data from odd semester 2009/2010 as of October 2009 , the number of active students as much as 24 143 people Airlangga University , which is distributed to all programs D3 , S1 , S2 , S3 and some specialist programs .

Human resources at the University of Airlangga consists of academic staff and educational staff . Academic staff consists of permanent academic staff in 1642 as many as 1534 people with the details of the status of Civil Servants ( PNS ) and the status of the UA - BHMN Employees numbered 108 people . Academic staff are not fixed or outstanding faculty as much as 565 people .

Recapitulation of permanent academic staff based education is as follows :
• Academic staff with education Bachelor ( S1 ) as many as 347 people
• Academic staff with education Master ( S2 ) & Specialist 1 ( Sp 1 ) as many as 885 people
• Academic staff with education degree ( S3 ) as many as 410 people

Educational staff numbered 1571 which consisted of 1186 people and 385 people are civil servants UA - BHMN employee status . Administration of all academic staff in the University either fixed or not fixed ( outstanding faculty ) are in each faculty , including all academic staff involved in the Graduate Program .
Recapitulation of the teaching staff by education are as follows :
• Staff education with education Master ( S2 ) as many as 28 people
• Staff education with education Bachelor ( S1 ) as many as 348 people
• Academic staff with at Diploma ( D1 - D3 ) as many as 130 people
• Academic staff with senior high education level ( high school ) as many as 773 people
• Academic staff with less education level of Secondary ( SMP & SD ) as many as 292 people

Airlangga University administrative activities centered in the Office of Management Campus University Press in C Mulyorejo , Surabaya .

Address correspondence :
Office of Management University Press
Campus C Mulyorejo , Jakarta - 60115 , Indonesia
Tel . 031-5914042 , 5914043 , 5912546 , 5912564 , 5915551
Fax. 031-5981841 , 5939934
e - mail :
website :

Monday, January 27, 2014

PTPG Sanata Dharma

The idea to establish a Higher Education Teacher (onset ) by prof . Moh . Yamin , S.H. ( Minister of Education and Culture ) in 1950 was welcomed by Catholic priests , especially the Order of the Society of Jesus ( Jesuits commonly abbreviated as SJ ) . Then, the Order has opened courses B1 , among others, B1 Educate ( De Britto Foundation ) in Yogyakarta, which is managed by Father H. Loeff , S.J. and B1 English ( Loyola Foundation ) in Semarang by Father WJ Van der Meulen , S.J. and Father H. Bastiaanase , S.J. With the support of thr Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, Father Kester, the then Superior of the Jesuit Missionaries these courses into a college and onset of Sanata Dharma was born on October 20, 1955 and was inaugurated by the government on December 17, 1955 . At first onset of Sanata Dharma has 4 subjects , namely English , History , Science, and Science Educate . The mission of the Society of Jesus pointing magnifying Prof. Fr . Nicolaus Driyarkara , S.J. became Dean of the onset of Sanata Dharma and Father H. Loeff as Vice Dean of the name " Sanata Dharma " was coined by Fr K. Looymans , S.J. who was an officer in the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Office of the Indonesian Bishops . " Sanata Dharma " actually read " Sanyata Dharma " , which means "the true " or " real service " . Worship and ministry was directed to ground water and the church ( Pro Patria et Eclessia ) .

Sanata Dharma Guidance and Counseling (1958 - 1965)
To conform to government regulations , in this case the Ministry of Education and Culture of the change becomes FKIP onset , the onset of Sanata Dharma in November 1958 turned into Guidance and Counseling ( Faculty of Teacher Education) Sanata Dharma and is part of the Catholic University of Indonesia branch Yogyakarta. During this FKIP Sanata Dharma successfully obtained the status of "comparable " to the country by decree of the Minister of PTIP 1 / 1961 on May 6, 1961 jo . 77/1962 dated July 11, 1962 . Although part of the Catholic University of Indonesia , the de facto independent FKIP Sanata Dharma .

Sanata Dharma (1965 - 1993)
To overcome the confusion between being part of the Catholic University of Indonesia Yogyakarta branch of the independence FKIP Sanata Dharma as an educational institution , FKIP Santa Sanata Dharma transformed into Dharma by Ministerial Decree No. PTIP . 237 / B - SWT / U / 1965. This Decree entered into force on 1 September 1965 . In addition to implementing S1 ( previous Bachelor and Bachelor ) , Sanata Dharma also trusted the government to manage the Diploma Program I, II , and III to the Department of Mathematics , Physics , Indonesian , English , social studies , and PMP . Various Diploma program was closed in 1990 and subsequently dibika PGSD Diploma II ( Elementary Teacher Education )

Sanata Dharma University ( 1993 to present )
Finally, to meet the demands and needs of society and the progress of the times , dated 20 April 1993 in accordance with the Education Minister Decree No. . 46 / D / O / 1993 , Sanata Dharma developed into Sanata Dharma or better known as CAD . With these developments remain USD is expected to advance the teacher education system at the same time broaden participation in science and technology . Having evolved into a university , the university encouraged to expand their education program content . While maintaining teacher education with fixed opening FKIP ( Faculty of Teacher Training and Education ) , the university opened several new faculty . Sanata Dharma University now has eight faculties with 25 study programs, 3 Graduate Program , 1 Professional Program , and 3 certified courses . Now a lot of progress in Sanata Dharma University . Development covers various aspects , both physical facilities ( buildings, laboratories , libraries , and other physical facilities ) , administration ( information systems , management , agency / institution / center / and support units ) , an increase in the quality of academic , research , teaching , and service to the society .

The names that once served Rector of Sanata Dharma University :

    Prof . Dr. . N. Drijarkara , S.J. (1955-1967)
    Drs . J. Drost , S.J. (1968-1976)
    Prof . Dr. . A.M. Kadarman , S.J. (1977-1984)
    Drs . F.X. Danuwinata , S.J. (1984-1988)
    Drs . A. Tutoyo , M.Sc. (1988-1993)
    Dr. . M. Sastrapratedja , S.J. (1993-2001)
    Dr. . Paul Suparno , S.J. , MST (2001-2006)
    Dr. . Ir . Paul Wiryono Priyotamtama , S.J. , M.Sc. ( 2006-present )

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Universitas Esa Unggul

Esa University Excellence ( UEU ) was established in 1993 under the auspices of the Education Foundation Kemala Feeding the Nation is the leading private universities and became one of the best private universities in Indonesia which has a VISION , namely Being college -based world -class intellect , creativity and entrepreneurship are superior in quality management ( process ) and results ( output ) activities of Tri Dharma University . And has MISSION : To conduct quality and relevant education , creating conducive academic atmosphere , creating a leader of character and high competitiveness .

In the past decade UEU has developed very rapidly become one of the private universities ( PTS ) leading in Jakarta . History records that are UEU universities that pioneered and spearheaded the establishment of the Academy of Medical Records ( ARM ) and the Bachelor of Applied Physiotherapy in Indonesia . Improving the quality of students' academic programs and faculty , services , facilities and infrastructure , research and community service and the quality of graduates is a top priority in order to achieve a World Class University . However , the challenges are also demanding strategic environment UEU to constantly make adjustments and innovations on the values ​​, work culture and work ethic into a world -class university , meaning UEU determined to comply with the standards of world-class universities and execute best practices conducted by the college world class .

UEU attempt to produce output , both the research and the results of community service , which recognized his contributions by the international community . And most importantly UEU strives to produce graduates who are competent and globally competitive . Entrepreneurship and creativity , which have explicitly made ​​the main theme of the spirit and will color the entire journey of progress towards the 25 (twenty five ) years UEU establishment until the year - next year .

UEU known not only generate intelligent and critical thinker , but also produce graduates who are innovative and capable of creating jobs . UEU develop and establish cooperation with various parties, both national and international institutions and the University Studies Program to improve the quality of teaching , curriculum , and the quality of graduates UEU , so it has the best skills and competencies in accordance with the field .

UEU locations are in areas that are strategic in the areas of higher education in West Jakarta . The campus is located on the side of the Toll Sky View - Citrus Kebun easily reached from all parts of Jakarta , Tangerang , Bekasi , Bogor and surrounding areas . With an area of 4.5 hectare green campus in the heart of Jakarta , UEU continues to grow as " Urban Campus " which became the pride of the community .

Three Pillars of Excellence University of Esa Excellence

Entrepreneurship • Information Technology • Ability to Communicate

Starting from embedded , by the founder , solid foundations for the growth and development of a college that is visionary , modern three (3 ) pillars of excellence Esa University Excellence ( Enterprise , Information Technology and Communication Capabilities ) , the institution strives to be seeded and barometer modernity in education and its accompanying facilities . Be proud that these pillars was very relevant , even more actual and anticipate the challenges and the times .

Entrepreneurship pillar is intended to create self-sufficiency and the ability of graduates to work creating jobs . As known , in many countries entrepreneurship is now the paradigm for the development of economic independence and human resources of a nation . Even in the universities of the world, there was a shift of discourse and orientation of a research university or university -based research into entrepreneurial university or university -based entrepreneurship .

University prefetch queue Esa seriously develop the entrepreneurship pillar debriefing by providing motivation for students new businesses , entrepreneurship courses , competition and business proposals business creativity , entrepreneurship internships , seminars , discussions , visits to industry , business incubator , providing access to venture capital for graduates , business consulting and creating an atmosphere that encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship .

Pilar realized through the application of Information Technology e-learning models are equipped with e-library facilities , multimedia equipment in every classroom and video conferencing , supported by an integrated information system to manage student activities , academic , financial , new admissions and lectures .

Communication pillar realized through increased English proficiency students , with tolokukur TOEFL / TOEIC score, the establishment of English Toastmaster Club , as well as student participation in a variety of English Speech Contest . So the University of Excellence Esa really - really ready as a bridge for students to the world of industry .

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

National University of Singapore

         A leading international university centred in Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore's flagship university that offers a world approach to education and analysis with attention on Asian views and experience.

Its sixteen schools and faculties across 3 field locations in Singapore – Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram – provides a broad-based info underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment. NUS’ transformative education includes programmes like student exchange, entrepreneurial internships at NUS Overseasfaculties, and double degree and joint degree programmes with a number of the world’s prime universities, givingstudents opportunities and challenges to understand their potential. the educational expertise is complemented by aspirited residential life with avenues for creative, cultural and sporting pursuits. Over 37,000 students from a hundredcountries more enrich the community with their various social and cultural views.

NUS has 3 analysis Centres of Excellence (RCE) and twenty three university-level analysis institutes and centres. it'sadditionally a partner for Singapore’s fifth RCE. The University shares an in depth affiliation with sixteen national-level analysis institutes and centres. analysis activities square measure strategic and sturdy, and NUS is well-known for its analysis strengths in engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences. Major analysisthrusts are created recently in many fields like quantum technology; cancer and translational medicine; interactive and digital media; and also the surroundings and water. The University additionally strives to make a subsidiary and innovative surroundings to push artistic enterprise at intervals its community.

NUS is actively concerned in international tutorial and analysis networks like the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and International Alliance of analysis Universities (IARU).
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