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Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 of the best private universities in Indonesia

Among the dominance of public universities into the most prestigious higher education institutions in Indonesia, private universities are able to compete prove very tight to achieve ultimate position.

Here are 10 of the best private universities in Indonesia based on the ranking compiled by Webometrics in 2013:

1 University Gunadarma (position 10 nationally, ranking 1302's)
Gunadarma University began to stand as Computer Science Education Center on August 7, 1981 Today the university has six faculties: Computer Science and Information Technology, Industrial Technology, Economics, Civil Engineering and Planning, Psychology, and Literature.

2 Petra Christian University (12th nationally, ranked world 1,590)
Petra Christian University has 7 faculties, and 25 programs and courses. The campus is located in Surabaya is also known to have a proud reputation in the field of number of scientific publications.

3 Islamic University of Indonesia (13th nationally, ranking 1601's)
Initially, the university has four faculties: the Faculty of Religion, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Economics, which began operation in June 1948, about seven months later, the university was forced to close due to the Dutch military aggression. Now the university has eight faculties with a variety of three-five diploma programs, 22 undergraduate programs, three professional programs, eight masters programs, and three doctoral programs and supporting institutions.

4 University of Education Indonesia / UPI (position 14 nationally, ranking 1622's)
Indonesia University of Education was established on October 20, 1954 in London, was inaugurated by the Minister of Education Teaching Mr. Muhammad Yamin. Originally named the Higher Education Teacher (onset), now developed into seven faculties and two schools (graduate school and school laboratories).

5. Universitas Bina Nusantara / Inktomi (position 16 nationally, ranking 1763's)
Standing on October 21, 1974, Binus has developed into one of the best private universities in Indonesia, which offers courses ranging from D3 to S3.

6 University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta / UMY (position 17 nationally, ranking 1802's)
Universities located in the city of Yogyakarta is cooperating with various universities abroad, including Korea University, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Flinders University.

7 University of Mercu Buana / UMB (position 18 nationally, ranking 1830's)
University founded by entrepreneur H. Probosutedjo officially operating since 1985 Currently UMB has 11 faculties, including D3, S1, and profession.

8 University of Muhammadiyah Malang / UMM (position 21 nationally, ranking 1947's)
Have 26 171 students, most of whom are graduate students. The University has 96 foreign students, with a total of 48 majors, including two doctoral programs, seven graduate, and 34 majors S1.

9. STISI Telkom / University Telkom (position 24 nationally, ranking 2127's)
High school is the best information in Indonesia. University Telkom launched on August 31, 2013, as a combination of four entities colleges under Telkom Education Foundation (YPT); Institut Teknologi Telkom, Telkom Institute of Management, STISI Telkom, and Telkom Polytechnic.

10 Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta / UMS (position 28 nationally, ranking 2394's)
Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta currently has 11 faculty, 44 Diploma to Doctoral Studies Program, 2 Double Degree Program International Programs International Class 8, 4 and 4 Twinning Program of Professional Program, has 23 357 students of diploma and strata 1, and 4,211 graduate students.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Petra Christian University

The establishment of Petra Christian University should always be associated with Petra Christian Education and Teaching Association or PPPK Petra (Perhimpunan Pendidikan dan Pengajaran Kristen). PPPK Petra is a Christian union established on 12 April  1951 with the purpose to provide education from the level of kindergarten to senior high schools.

The idea of establishing a university which aimed to give the opportunity for its alumni to get higher education has existed since 1956.

On 21 September 1960, the Committee of University Establishment Planning Preparation was formed, with the duty to prepare all the necessities to establish a university. The members of the committee were: drg. Tan Tjiaw Yong, Gouw Loe Liong, drg. Tan Gie Djien, Tjoa Siok Tjoen, Lie Ping Lioe and Kwee Djien Kian. On 8 August 1961, the coordinators decided to establish Petra Christian University with its first department, Faculty of Letters.

On 22 September 1961, the 10th anniversary PPPK Petra, the establishment of Petra Christian University was made public. Several days later, on 28 September 1961, the coordinators of PPPK Petra formed the Directorate of University Affairs, whose duty was to manage the universityand temporarily to act as Sponsor Board members. The members of the directorate were drg. Tan Tjiaw Yong, Ir. O.F. Patty, dr. Mesakh Wignjohoesodo, Gouw Loe Liong and J.A. Sereh. A year later, on 15 September 1962, the second department, Civil Engineering, was established.

Realizing the growth of the university, the coordinators re-evaluate the internal regulation of PPPK. On 18 July   1964, a commitee for the establishment of Petra Christian University Foundation was set up with  the members of the committee, J.E. Sahetapy SH, drg. Tan Tjiaw Yong, dr. M. Wignjohoesodo, Kho Hong Pie, R.M.S. Kertonadi and P.H. Saroinsong. The establishment concept of Petra Christian University Foundation (YPTK Petra) was accepted on 22 October   1964, and it was legally constituted on 7 January   1965.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

History Binus University

The journey of Bina Nusantara University began on October 21, 1974. It originated from a short-term course named Modern Computer Course, which then expanded because of its strong foundation and comprehensive vision.
Due to the high demand and its rapid development, on July 1, 1981, Modern Computer Course had developed into ‘Academi Teknic Computer (ATK)’ or Computer Technical Academy with ‘Manajemen Informatika’ or Informatics Management as the first major.
The ATK obtained registered on July 13, 1984 and a year after that, exactly on July 1, 1985, the institution changed into AMIK Jakarta. On September 21, 1985, AMIK Jakarta changed its name into AMIK Bina Nusantara.
AMIK Bina Nusantara recorded a remarkable achievement in its relatively young age when it was chosen as the best Computer Academy by The Ministry of Education and Culture through The Higher Education Board District III on March 17, 1986. The need for professional workers in the Information Technology area drove AMIK further into development, and on July 1, 1986 it was officially listed as ‘Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (STMIK)’ or Institute of Information Management and Computer Science Bina Nusantara.
On November 9, 1987, a merger between AMIK Bina Nusantara and STMIK Bina Nusantara took place. The institution conducted Diploma (D-3) and Undergraduate (S-1) programs. An accreditation status of ‘Disamakan’ or ‘Equalized’ for all majors and levels was earned on March 18, 1992. On the next year, STMIK Bina Nusantara opened the first Masters (S-2) Program in Information System Management in Indonesia. The program was officially listed on May 10, 1993.
After going through years of perseverance and hard work, Bina Nusantara University (Universitas Bina Nusantara or UBINUS) was officially listed and established on August 8, 1996. STMIK Bina Nusantara was then merged into Bina Nusantara University on December 20, 1998. At that time, UBINUS has Faculty of Computer Science (Fakultas Ilmu Komputer), Faculty of Economy (Fakultas Ekonomi), Faculty of Engineering (Fakultas Teknik), Faculty of Literature (Fakultas Sastra), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Fakultas MIPA) and Masters (S-2) Program in Information System Management.
However, UBINUS did not stop there. It is continually expanding their reach on educational areas. On April 20, 2007, Bina Nusantara University added Faculty of Psychology (Fakultas Psikologi) and Faculty of Communication & Multimedia (Fakultas Komunikasi dan Multimedia) in their midst.
Due to the new organizational structure of Bina Nusantara University, which is valid since August 19, 2008, the names of several faculties were changed. Faculty of Technical Science is now known as Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Economy is now known as Faculty of Business & Economy, and Faculty of Literature is now known as Faculty of Language and Culture. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is now merged within Faculty of Science and Technology.
Meanwhile, on Masters (S-2) Program, UBINUS officially added another program, Masters in Informatics Engineering (Magister Teknik Informatika), on August 31, 2009.
On September 7, 2011, UBINUS performed another structural change in the organization. Some of the changes are:
  • Faculty of Economy and Business is changed into Faculty of Economics and Communication.
  • Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Language & Culture is merged into Faculty of Humanities (Fakultas Humaniora)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology is changed into Faculty of Engineering (Fakultas Teknik)
  • Information Technic Major is changed into School of Computer Science
  • Information System Major is changed into School of Information System
  • Management Major is changed into School of Business Management
  • Faculty of Communication and Multimedia is changed into School of Design
  • Computer System Major, which was previously listed on Faculty of Computer Science, is now listed on Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Mathematic and Statistic Major, which was previously listed on Faculty of Science and Technology, is now listed on School of Information System
  • Accounting Major is changed into School of Accounting and Finance
  • The Masters Program of Information System and Informatics Engineering is now under the coordination of BINUS Graduate Program, which also supervises Doctoral of Research in Management
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Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta

Vision UMY

Being a university that excels in the development of science and technology based on Islamic values ​​for the benefit of the people.
Mission in St. Louis

Improving human dignity in an effort to affirm the values ​​of humanity and civilization;
Serving as the center of the development of Muhammadiyah
Support the development of Yogyakarta as a region that values ​​cultural diversity;
Provide education, research and community development in a professional manner;
Develop students to become graduates noble, resourceful and highly skilled in science and technology.

General Purpose UMY

The realization of the noble Muslim scholars, competent, confident, able to develop science and technology as well as useful for the people, nation and humanity
Special Purpose UMY

Control, develop and practice the science and technology imbued with human values, akhlakul karimah and ethics rooted in the teachings of Islam as well as nurture all Ikhlasan, implement commanding the good and forbidding the evil that is relevant to the development needs of the nation;
Implement education programs Expert Associate, Bachelor, Graduate and Professional that produce graduates who meet the needs of the world of work both nationally and internationally;
Scientific research and produce work that is a reference to the national and international level;
Developing academic community life is sustained by the Islamic values ​​that uphold truth, justice, honesty, sincerity and responsiveness to change;
Creating a climate of academic / academic atmosphere that fosters open thinking, critical-constructive and innovative;
Systems provide satisfactory services to stakeholders / stakeholders;
Provide the resources and potential that can be accessed by university colleges, private institutions of government, industry, and society at large to support the development efforts of Islamic religious field, social, economic, political, legal, technology, health and culture in Indonesia;
Develop a network of cooperation with various national and international institutions to promote education, research, and service management;
Produce graduates who have personal integrity and morality in the context of Islamic individual and social life.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

100 Daftar Universitas di Taiwan

 Berikut 100 Daftar Universitas di Taiwan
No.     University Name     Website   

 1     National Chengchi University

2     National Tsing Hua University

3     National Taiwan University

4     National Taiwan Normal University

5     National Cheng Kung University

6     National Chung Hsing University

7     National Chiao Tung University

8     National Central University

9     National Sun Yat-sen University

10     National Taiwan Ocean University

11     National Chung Cheng University

12     National Kaohsiung Normal University

13     National Changhua University of Education

14     National Yang-Ming University

15     National Taipei University

16     National Chiayi University

17     National University of Kaohsiung

18     National Dong Hwa University

19     National Chi Nan University

20     National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

21     National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

22     National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

23     National Taipei University of Technology

24     National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

25     National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

26     Taipei National University of the Arts

27     National Taiwan University of Arts

28     National Taitung University

29     National Ilan University

30     National United University

31     National Formosa University

32     National Kaohsiung Marine University

33     Tainan National University of the Arts

34     National University of Tainan

35     National Taipei University of Education

36     National Hsinchu University of Education

37     National Taichung University

38     National Pingtung University of Education

39     National Penghu University

40     National Chin-Yi University of Technology

41     National Taiwan Sport University

42     National Taiwan College of Physical Education

43     National Taipei College of Nursing

44     National Pingtung Institute of Commerce

45     National Taichung Institute of Technology

46     National Kaohsiung Hospitality College

47     National Taipei College of Business

48     National Kinmen Institute of Technology

49     National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

50     National Taichung Nursing College

51     National Tainan Institute of Nursing

52     National Taitung Junior College

53     National Open University

54     Tunghai University

55     Fu Jen Catholic University

56     Soochow University

57     Chung Yuan Christian University

58     Tamkang University

59     Chinese Culture University

60     Feng Chia University

61     Providence University

62     Chang Gung University

63     Yuan Ze University

64     Chung Hua University

65     Dayeh University

66     Huafan University

67     I-Shou University

68     Shih Hsin University

69     Ming Chuan University

70     Shih Chien University

71     Chaoyang University of Technology

72     Kaohsiung Medical University

73     Nanhua University

74     Aletheia University

75     Tatung University

76     Southern Taiwan University

77     Kun Shan University

78     Chia Nan University of Pharmacy &  Science

79     Shu-Te University

80     Tzu Chi University

81     Taipei Medical University

82     Chung Shan Medical University

83     Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

84     Fooyin University

85     Minghsin University of Science and Technology

86     Chang Jung Christian University

87     Hungkuang University

88     China Medical University

89     Ching Yun University

90     Cheng Shiu University

91     Vanung University

92     Hsuan Chuang University

93     Chienkuo Technology University

94     Ming Chi University of Technology

95     Kao Yuan University

96     Tajen University

97     St. John's University

98     Ling Tung University

99     China University of Technology

100     Central Taiwan University of  Science and Technology

    Inilah daftar universitas Taiwan, apabila Anda ingin kuliah disana..tinggal pilih aja, informasi lengkap bisa langsung di lihat di web masing-masing.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri

Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri was established on July 14, 2008 by the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia number 131/D/O/2008 on establishment of the University in Medan Setia Budi Mandiri Foundation Organized By in Medan Setia Budi Mandiri. Universitas Setia Budi Mandiri caring for Midwifery courses also received permission from the minister 131/D/O/2008 numbers. As an institution of higher education, have proved the role, function and dedication in the development of the nation and the state.

Recognizing the roles and functions to which it aspires, the University Setia Budi Mandiri is determined to continue to maintain and improve its ability to explore, develop and practice of science, technology or the arts nationally and globally oriented sound through Tri Darma University to create a society that is fair and prosperous based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.