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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ubaya University

University of Surabaya is often abbreviated to Ubaya name, was born on March 11, 1968 with three faculties: the Faculty of Pharmacy, Law and Economics. At this time Ubaya already has 7 faculties with 20 courses. The total number of students Ubaya currently number approximately 12,000 students who come from various regions in Indonesia.

Ubaya campus located in three places. The first two campuses located in Surabaya and is used as a teaching and learning activities, being the third campus is located in Trawas, a mountainous area that is used as the Outdoor Campus. The total area of the total campus I and II are located in Surabaya approximately 14 hectares or 140,000 m2, while the third campus of 30 acres. Quality education and graduates seeking employment Ubaya easily become one of the attractiveness of high school students to continue their education in Ubaya.
The entire Ubaya lecturers and leaders are determined to maintain the quality of education. As a result, at this time all the courses in accredited Ubaya got an A (Excellent) from the National Accreditation Board.

Students who excel receive various conveniences and facilities at Ubaya. One example of the convenience offered Ubaya to the top students is the opportunity to become Ubaya students without passing through Academic Potential Test (TPA) and the determination of Money Donations Education relatively low. Ubaya students a chance to be without going through the entrance test can be carried out in the period of acceptance JPMK (search path Interest and Ability). For other students, Ubaya also gives students the opportunity to become Ubaya through Academic Potential Test. The results of this test will determine the value of determination Money Contribution of Education students. All prospective students will be accepted as a student declared Ubaya after fulfilling all requirements set forth and declared graduated from high school.

Development of facilities, infrastructure and human resources in Ubaya done continuously and sustainably. Thus someday Ubaya can truly realize its vision to be The First University in Heart and Mind. The first university remembered in the hearts and minds of the people in all aspects of the field of life.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

100 Universitas Terbaik di Indonesia Terbaru 2015

Berikut adalah daftar Universitas terbaik di Indonesia Terbaru 2015 berdasarkan rangking web versi Webometrics :

nstitut Teknologi Bandung4782925832259
4813Institut Pertanian Bogor463957132802
51102Universitas Diponegoro9811560173095
61110Universitas Brawijaya6871067573611
71210Universitas Padjadjaran13207452483842
81383Universitas Sebelas Maret791673655442
91508Universitas Airlangga72919577673144
101647Universitas Gunadarma173812031964831
111688Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember76922738153515
121691Universitas Pendikan Indonesia45013241975442
131726Universitas Negeri Semarang143610691765442
141780Universitas Hasanuddin109822973683996
151787Universitas Negeri Malang12831633285442
161833Petra Christian University101426711564175
172038Bina Nusantara BINUS University5622400925442
182043Yogyakarta State University156518121465442
192122Universitas Sriwijaya134915147125442
202162Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta208289319615442
212185Universitas Riau223828928413842
222188Universitas Esa Unggul (Universitas Indonusa)309396613285442
232195Universitas Mercu Buana156999520615442
242310Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang71832371215442
252331Universitas Udayana383831153544175
262371Universitas Sumatera Utara119136405964442
272396Universitas Islam Indonesia673199815525442
282406Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang154121767635442
292575Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta56036135055442
302626Universitas Syiah Kuala2230505216523144
312655Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya553167257974831
322751Informatics and Computer College Stmik Amikom287236101815442
332769Indonesia Universitas Computer UNIKOM6995692335442
342780Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta118942782675442
352832Universitas Jember92651071315442
362905Universitas Bengkulu470832213615442
372979Universitas Narotama283036296415442
383012Universitas Surabaya227352848544442
393047Andalas University2715315713515442
403050Universitas Jenderal Soedirman1422392811835442
413072Universitas Lampung355352193074831
423122Ahmad Dahlan University3308498313984175
433346Universitas Pancasakti Tegal4784216034705442
443353Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya1250511211125442
453364STIKOM Surabaya320143969345442
463495Universitas Negeri Surabaya106871113035442
473552Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha4610368617545442
483620Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer Jakarta4711454210045442
493622Maranatha Christian University5675386514045442
503623Institut Sains & Teknologi Akprind2765447817585442
513648Universitas Negeri Medan218272571835442
523719Universitas Singaperbangsa8474126963595442
533764Universitas Sam Ratulangi350370586304831
543765STMIK MDP & STIE MDP4442470312695442
553818Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana293278065034831
563945Universitas Negeri Padang265466157915442
574287Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta407986051405442
584377Universitas Katolik Parahyangan6622782215074175
594385Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung7569297248555442
604385Universitas Tanjungpura5736429232755442
614452Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University589474674475442
624458Universitas Negeri Gorontalo305185065085442
634465Sekolah Tinggi Informatika dan Komputer Indonesia6721381839455442
644488Institut Teknologi Telkom (Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom)3784447743205442
654505Universitas Dian Nuswantoro3237703414785442
664526Widya Manadala Catholic University8487946321233049
674548Universitas Terbuka3176588328365442
684552Institut Teknologi Nasional8110462923345442
694594Universitas Widyatama4076752210625442
704601Universitas Tarumanagara509787122695442
714664Duta Wacana Christian University2912653125925442
724797Universitas Trisakti5340681029034831
734837Universitas Negeri Makassar4955678719155442
744889Islamic Universitas Sultan Agung1884794024025442
754903Universitas Katolik Soegijapranata461896493155442
765053Universitas Tadulako47821045511994442
775144Institut Agama Islam Negeri Walisongo Semarang3165102805995442
785192Telkom University2061925218735442
795197Universitas Nusa Cendana10276279871725442
805308Universitas Lambung Mangkurat3371960112045442
815337Universitas Negeri Jakarta4124488867395442
825432Universitas PGRI Yogyakarta10386403451865442
835585Universitas Bina Darma4230927216395442
845598Universitas Pelita Harapan652892969915442
855622ISI Denpasar539899688685442
865653STAIN Salatiga34231009713755442
875695Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta5803837621115442
885715Universitas Bangka Belitung7620555348885442
895774Universitas Muhammadiyah Purworejo6639885115855442
905948Universitas Islam Nusantara138702135104225442
915989Universitas Pancasila7710765526625442
925993Universitas Sanata Dharma2319873541345442
936116Institut Seni Indonesia3680979824185442
946116Universitas Islam Bandung40741069214535442
956297Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang36491124214545442
966345Universitas Pasundan5592843735295442
976412Universitas Trunojoyo6187990119365442
986438Universitas Mulawarman6836535779635442
996444Universitas Malikussaleh4539746056855442
1006549Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof Dr Hamka6197664862495442

Update : Januari 2015, versi Webometrics, Ranking Web of Universities.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christian universities

Other things to look at within Christian universities are the support framework that exists for students on an n academic level and also how much various schools differ in their way of delivering spiritual encouragement, and what they expect from a student in terms of commitment to voluntary work, service duties and mission trips. When deciding upon a school, many students with an already religious background may opt for a Christian University program. The programs offered within Christian Universities also vary hugely. There are Jesuit and Catholic schools, large universities, small colleges and various codes of practice when it comes

According to Forbes, its ranking system is designed to stress the outputs of a college education rather than the inputs stressed by the U. News & World Report’s rankings and in Forbes’ annual college guide. com, which states on its website that the Forbes’ ranking "comes the closest to actually measuring the quality of education at the nation’s best schools. Get a state-by-state listing of Forbes-ranked Christian schools and see how these schools are categorized by U. News & World Report college rankings. Christian colleges consistently rank high in annual college guides, earning top-tier spots in U. While all schools stress intellectual development, the majority of Christian colleges strive to give students an education that goes beyond textbooks: They also emphasize spiritual formation and the virtue of leading a responsible, ethical life. These and many other questions are best answered by exploring a school’s website or visiting the school in person. Of all the college ranking systems, MarketWatch recommended one: Forbes’ "America’s Best Colleges. Check out our listing of Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) members ranked by Forbes.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

London South Bank University

With the number of students exceeds 25,000 people, London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the largest and oldest university in London. The university hosts over 2,000 international students from more than 130 countries. LSBU proud as a vibrant and cosmopolitan institution. Seven faculty of the University not only teach students, but also to equip them with practical skills that are directed at increasing employment opportunities.

The University is located in central London, close to many cultural centers, shopping and financial center, making it an interesting place to study in the UK. High quality education, teaching facilities, student support services and international scholarships make LSBU as an ideal choice for international students.

Achievement and Achievement

     LSBU included in the list of three major London moderns (post 92) for the employment prospects of graduates. (Complete University Guide 2015)
     Now entering the university in a large list of 2 Modern London University for graduate starting salaries. (Sunday Times League Table 2015)
     A study of Pricewater House Coopers has proven that LSBU graduates can anticipate an increase in their income by £ 185,000 for their work later, ie £ 25,000 higher than the average salary in the UK.
     LSBU has the highest rating for the quality of education, according to the independent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA report 2010)
     80% of research LSBU internationally recognized by more than 40% satisfactory internationally recognized research and 7% thereof become the world leader in international research. (Research Assessment Exercise 2008)
     LSBU is one of the providers of Knowledge Transfer (KT) in the UK and is one of the few university recommended by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) for the performance of KT.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

50 Universitas terbaik Dunia akhir tahun 2013

Berikut adalah 50 Universitas terbaik akhir tahun 2013

1.Harvard University
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology     
3. University of Cambridge 
4. University of Oxford 
5. University of California, Berkeley     
6. Stanford University 
7. Princeton University 
8. University of California, Los Angeles     
9. University of Tokyo
10. Yale University 
11. California Institute of Technology     
12. University of Michigan
13. Columbia University
14. University of Chicago
14. Imperial College London
16. University of Toronto 
17. Cornell University
18. University of Pennsylvania 
19. Johns Hopkins University
20. University College London 
20. ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
22. National University of Singapore     
23. Kyoto University
24. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
25. London School of Economics and Political Science
26. Carnegie Mellon University     United States
27. University of Texas at Austin     
27. University of Washington
29. New York University
30. University of Wisconsin-Madison 
31. University of British Columbia Canada 
31. Duke University 
31. McGill University
34. University of California, San Diego     
35. Tsinghua University China     
36. The University of Hong Kong     
37. Northwestern University
38. Georgia Institute of Technology     
39. University of Melbourne
40. University of California, San Francisco
41. Seoul National University
42. Australian National University     
42. University of Massachusetts     
44. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
45. Peking University China     
46. University of Edinburgh 
47. University of Manchester
48. University of California, Davis     
49. University of Sydney
50. Lomonosov Moscow State University 
50. Purdue University 

Borobudur University

Borobudur University is an institution of higher education in Jakarta, established in 1981. UNBOR organized by the Education Foundation of Borobudur, an established legal entities with legal letter Raden Imam Soesatyo Prawirokoesoemo No. 5 1971. In carrying out the vision and mission UNBOR have received very high appreciation by the public. UNBOR regarded as one of the mainstays of higher education in the capital city of Jakarta which serves quality education and create graduates who possess high academic and professional competence. All the efforts and outcomes of education at the University of Borobudur integrated to the progress and welfare of the community through the mastery of science, technology, culture and art.

As of the academic year 2008, the number of courses run by the University of Borobudur as many as 18 programs comprising 2 Diploma (D-III), 13 courses (S-1), 2 Masters program (S-2) and one doctoral program (S-3)​​. The number of active students who study in the entire course in 2006-2007 academic year about 4,000 people, which was raised by about 200 regular faculty (tenured faculty) and more than 100 outstanding faculty (not fixed). All academic and administrative service system uses information technology base to ensure effective forms of service, efficiently and accurately.

In line with the development needs of the community about the service quality of higher education, the University of Borobudur always develop themselves to meet the needs of the community. Education curriculum is evaluated and reviewed on a periodic basis, the quality of lecturers from the mastery of science and technology enhanced learning, and systemic administration services continue to be built. The result is a public recognition of the quality of education that is managed by the University of Borobudur.

Educational activities Borobudur University of Education held in three (3) campuses. A Campus (Campus Parent) located at Jalan Raya Kalimalang No. 1 East Jakarta. Campus B is located on Jalan Slamet Riyadi No. 5 East Jakarta. And, Campus C is located at Jalan Pemuda No. 7 Rawamangun Jakarta.