Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daftar Situs Universitas dan Sekolah Tingi di Jerman

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By: Noni Telaumbanua

High School Study in Germany

Almost all high schools and universities in Germany are always associated with the name of the city where the university is located.

All universities and colleges in Germany is good quality and have their respective specialties and strengths in certain majors.

University of Karlsruhe known as the university (formerly the high school) the first technique in Karlsruhe in Germany and also the first girls' school (Mädchenschule) in Germany was founded. Programs that are well known in Kalrsruhe to pursue further education in addition to S2-S3, Territorial Sciences, Department of Informatics, also majoring in Science Assembling Machine (Maschinenbau).

University of Heidelberg is famous for its medical department. University of Dortmund is famous for SPRING program in English, etc..

In general the observations of the writer, university in southern Germany have the option of majoring in engineering sciences are more territorial, social sciences related to Nias and Indonesia are quite interesting through Uni and Uni-Hamburg-M√ľnster, shipbuilding and marine science are usually in the cities teletak on the river Rhein like Bremen, Hamburg.

But basically all the same quality as good as the level of competition to get a seat to learn is very high. Interest of students who appear larger on one university usually possible because the number of students from their own country more in one union, the possibility of getting jobs with high salaries, openness and diversity of a city to foreign entrants, access is obtained and is available (either from the candidate students and from the university).

All German-language studies! The period has now begun with several majors who speak English. Advice writer is to learn a foreign language other than English is much better. When viewed from the side with a background as people of Nias, the authors encourage prospective students from Nias to understand German well and know the culture more closely.

All Opera-majors should be read carefully so as not to be fooled by false interpretations. For example, there are economic majors that we will think like in Indonesia or in other countries, but it turned out very differently because it is closer to the applied science of pure mathematics.

Study enrollment is always in January or the month of October every year. Do not get wrong information, because in some universities, engineering enrollment is only in the month of October.

Scholarships are for all prospective students who generally want to further study a masters or doctorate level. This possibility is always there even if is not easy, but learn from the experience of all students who finance their studies independently, this self-financing is also not impossible. So the key is persistence to study at their own expense or struggling to get a scholarship. One senior student (Ms. Linda Pangaribuan, from the Department of Education, Ed.) Said that the study and managed to study in Germany not because a lot of money but because that "dilute his brain," because at least have to learn German first (known as mathematical formulas! J )

It is best to as the first step is to establish communication with the targeted departments and establish regular communication with professors at German universities.

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