Sunday, February 7, 2010


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Intelligent and virtuous are the two things that are not integrated together, as intelligence without the lofty minds based will likely be used to fool and harm others, on the other hand, without offset nobility would be a target intelligence crimes and oppression of others.

To educate skilled intelligent and virtuous, then on 1 April 1979 established the Academy of Computer Sciences (AIK) Budi Luhur in Jakarta, address at Jl. Budi Utomo No. 11 Jakarta Pusat. The Academy aims to produce skilled workers or professionals in the field of computers to meet the needs of national development.

After two years of fighting, on August 11, 1981 AIK Budi Luhur obtain operational licenses from the government. In the operational license, the government changed the name of AIK Budi Luhur Computer Science Academy (WFA) Budi Luhur. This name is used, when, on January 5, 1983 by Education Minister's decision No. WFA Budi Luhur 018/O/1983 get listed status. Registered status is owned, WFA Budi Luhur organized the baccalaureate exam computer with testers from ITB lecturers. In that country test WFA grant Budi Luhur young scholars in Indonesia's first computer.

Unprepared regarding the first phase of campus construction (with two units of two-story building), then on August 17, 1985 WFA Budi Luhur moved from Jl. Budi Utomo No. 11 to the road Cileduk Kingdom, North Carpentry, Kebayoran Lama.

With more solid education in WFA Budi Luhur, and the growing amount of interest and expertise in the field need a computer, then Budi Luhur Education Foundation in August 1985 founded the College of Electrical Engineering Computer (ATEK) Budi Luhur and Computer Accounting Academy (AAK) Budi Luhur. ATEK founding purpose is to prepare Budi Luhur forces capable of holding positions and tasks that require computer knowledge of electrical engineering, while the AAK Budi Luhur aims to prepare personnel who can hold office and the duties that require knowledge of accounting and computers.

With the advances achieved by the WFA Budi Luhur, the Government gave rise status (accreditation) from the account are recognized based on Ministerial Decree of Education No. 0355/I/1986 dated May 13, 1986. Recognized status that led to passing the name of the WFA Budi Luhur Academic Information Management and Computers (AMIK) Budi Luhur.

In line with increasing demand and public attention in computer science (computer science), and the ever increasing demand for young graduates to transfer to your computer Strata-level 1 (S1) established the High School Computer Science (STPK) Budi Luhur in the second semester of academic year 1985-1986 .

With more solid STPK Budi Luhur and encouraged by all parties, in the year 1986 Budi Luhur Education Foundation established the High School of Electrical Computer (slips) and Budi Luhur High School Computer Accounting (STAK) Budi Luhur to conduct undergraduate (S1) in the field respectively.

In early 1987, Budi Luhur Education Foundation felt the need to simplify the college institutional dilingkungannya (STPK, cuttings, and Budi Luhur STAK) into a container. So based on Ministerial Decree of Education 0720/I/1987 number, STPK, cuttings, and Budi Luhur STAK integrated into the School of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Budi Luhur with majors and courses as follows:

1. Department of Information Management, with courses:
a. Information Management (D-III Recognized and S-1 Registered)
b. Computerized Accounting (D-III and S1 Registered).
2. Department of Information by Computer Science courses (S-1 Registered).
3. Department of Computer Science, with Computer Science courses (D III and S-1 Registered).

Driven by the desire to improve services for computerized accounting students a growing, based on the Decision Education Foundation Chairman Budi Luhur 343/KBYL/XI/1989 No. 30 November 1989, computerized accounting courses at the Department of Information Management department upgraded to Computerized Accounting.

In an effort to diversify the business, and in connection with the completion of the building Unit III and IV, on 1 April 1997 Budi Luhur Education Foundation established the High School of Economics (STIE) Budi Luhur. And a year later after they finish building Unit V, on 1 April 1998 Technical High School was established (STT) Budi Luhur. And then on 1 April 1999 Technical High School (STT) Budi Luhur Unit was established after the building was completed VI, in the context of efficiency, four high schools (STMIK, STIE, STISIP, STT) in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of National Education 144/D/0 / 2002 dated June 7, 2002 is integrated into the University of Budi Luhur.

Globalization and the ongoing crisis in the competitive impact of professional labor that increasingly stringent. For that we need to equip themselves with academic and practical skills to become a formidable workforce that continues to survive in the competition, especially in improving career.

For the University of Budi Luhur the opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of Information Technology, Economic, Social Politics, Communication and Engineering which currently is still the top choice of career improvement.

Free competition and stringent in the world of education, the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and increasing consumer knowledge encourages us to improve the quality and service satisfaction as evidenced by the acquisition of the certification of international quality assurance system of ISO 9001:2000.